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Energetic, top-performing, self-directed professional with diverse experience and expertise in healthcare administration. Managing a multi-million dollar health care industry in daily operations, finance, sales, marketing, customer service. Successful in creating relationships, building trust, and supporting business plans focused on critical collaboration in patient care  with diverse private and government owned hospitals and various healthcare sectors. Proven leader with identifying restructuring opportunities and optimizing processes and procedures while maintaining high efficiency. Involved in hospice compliance resource assessments teams in assisting obtaining Joint Commission Certified facility. Excel with assuring the compliancy of the companies in medicare, medical and HMO's care standards. Spearheaded cross-functional team collaboration and operations management with diverse healthcare agencies across southern California.Settled patient complaints and provided patient advocacy. Leads negotiations activities of major vendor service contracts. Oversaw all master contract renewals and ensured contractual obligations were being met by laws by all contracting third parties. Ran successful day to day operation for a complicated multi-desciplinary organization. Built high performance organization and teams in revamping HR structure and aligning decision making with strategic goals, resulting in happy, hardworking employees emotionally vested in success of the organization. Accomplished in all areas of employee relations with a keen ability to identify, build, and maintain intra-organization and external relationships.


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